Transfer in

Course Transfer From Other Institutions

Alberta Bible College seeks to maximize the amount of transfer credit given for students provided the credit accepted for transfer meets the objectives of the chosen program. Individuals who seek transfer credit must request that official transcripts from all previously attended post-secondary institutions be sent directly to the Registrar. Ideally official transcripts will be received prior to course registration at ABC.

The following conditions apply:

  • Courses acceptable for transfer must have a grade of “C” or above.
  • Transferable courses must be either a near equivalent to an ABC requirement or fit within the allowable number of elective credits for the student’s program.
  • Transfer credit grades are not considered in a student’s GPA.
  • Up to 48 credit hours of technical/business/trade credits may be transferred to select ABC degree programs.
  • Up to 32 credit hours may be transferred in from non- accredited discipleship/mission schools or non-accredited Bible colleges.
  • Because of the specialized nature of ABC education, transfer opportunities for Bible and theology courses are limited, and considered on a program basis.
  • The maximum allowed transfer credit for each program is as follows:
    • 1 year Certificate of Christian Foundations: 6 credit hours
    • 2 year Diplomas: 16 credit hours
    • 4 year Degrees: 64 credit hours