Looking Forward

Evangel – Summer 2012


BrentAttaining excellence is contingent upon systematically evaluating measurable goals. Hoping that you are doing well but not asking the right questions is more an exercise in self-deception than a recipe for success.

Every May, once free of classroom responsibilities and daily student interaction, faculty and staff meet for three days to assess various aspects of our program as it relates to academics and student life. We consider our goals for each program and ask probing questions about how we’re doing. Armed with the responses to a Student Satisfaction Inventory, consisting of nearly 100 statements, we determine if we are meeting not only our expectations but those of our students as well. This allows us to see how plans made months or years earlier have proven to be beneficial to the learning and growing experiences of our students.

This process challenges us as we, at times, face the reality that we have not done as well as we could or should have done. But rather than letting this be defeating it actually drives our planning as we make specific changes designed to enhance the student experience and enable us to more effectively reach our goals.

Institutions, somewhat like people, seldom have it all together, but what is important is the direction one is facing and what you are doing right now. Right now we have evaluated several aspects of our program, put in place plans for new classes, enhanced the Practical Ministries component and hired a new President. Our faculty and staff are very excited about our future and welcome your partnership with us.

Brent served as interim president of Alberta Bible College for the academic term of 2011 – 2012. He currently serves on Bow Valley Christian Church’s staff as Executive Pastor.