PACE Comes to Grande Prairie

Evangel – Spring 2016

Keeping PACE

Jaron Flett - Grande Prairie Church of ChristAbout a year ago, the winter was lagging, surprising us with yet another spring blanket of snow and I felt a sense I needed to prepare for the upcoming season. Though spring was approaching the essence of this feeling was in the realm of spiritual growth. As I investigated and prayed, I felt an overwhelming sense to discover myself and prepare for what was on the horizon. I began to do only what seemed right, research. Through personality profiling, career research, and career profiling, I began gathering resources and information that would help me to discern what this new season might hold.

I became frustrated and exhausted by the available resources, however some understanding of selfhood was made. I began to pray God would lead me to discern these things and help focus my direction towards the next step and indeed he answered, “Ask for a way to further your education.”

So ahead I ran through all the possibilities, researching, investigating, running down leads for schools and what specialization I could have. Yet again I exhausted my resources and again the life patterns of my anxiousness shot me way ahead of God’s timing. As I made my way back to reality I prayed, “Show me what you have for me.” Some time passed and I began to notice people around me also had a desire to further their education. I wondered if there were a way we could help each other accomplish our goals.

Around that time Stan Helton was up for a visit and we talked briefly, leading into conversation around schooling. I told him I was looking into masters programs but there were some people here that would benefit from an ABC distant learning cohort in Grande Prairie. That conversation kept stirring and I realized I was also one of those people that would benefit; there it was right in front of us, Alberta Bible College and the PACE program. They had the capacity to come to us, to allow us to remain in ministry, and PACE allowed our communities’ gifted teachers to operate out of their calling. It almost seemed too good to be true and it is good because God gives good gifts and it became true.

The PACE program came as a gift and an answer to prayers. Clearly God is blessing it and currently we have fourteen students enrolled in our first class and six professors lined up to teach. This is in God’s timing for our people. May God bring to completion all his plans in what he will do next through his people.