To Know Him Is To Love Him

Evangel – Spring 2012

Faculty Profile

LisaKnowledge and experience…I truly believe that you cannot have one without the other. One of the reasons why I am involved at ABC is because I believe this.

Many today honour experience as the best qualifier of faith. They are not completely wrong: God reminds us in James that faith without works is dead. There is great value in working out our salvation — not blindly swallowing how fallible humans have interpreted the truths of scripture in the past. Our human experiences with the Truth are different for everyone, even though we all experience God, the Great I AM, who was, is, and always will be Truth.

Jesus also reveals Himself as the Way, the Truth and the Life. Truth exists! Yet we must not rely solely on our experiences to find it. Truth was incarnated more than two thousand years ago in a stable. No matter our experiences with Jesus in this life, we cannot know the fullness of Truth until we see Him face to face. So, where does this leave us? Hopelessly in search of Truth? No! Truth Himself is revealed in scripture — He lays out the parameters for our experience of Truth in His word.

Unfortunately, therein lies the problem. We are fallible. As fallen creatures, we are unable to interpret the Truth without letting our experiences colour our perception of the Truth. Is there any hope? Yes! I am basing my career on this hope. Although Bible colleges are human institutions, God uses us to show the value of experience and knowledge. ABC strives to provide ample opportunities for students to personally experience the person of Truth. And, we also strive to give context to these experiences through passing on knowledge through the study of scripture and doctrine. These two must walk together. We cannot truly know and teach Jesus without experiencing the Truth of His word. But, we cannot properly internalize our experiences without knowing Who we are experiencing. We cannot truly love someone we do not truly know. This last Truth is why I am here at Alberta Bible College.

Lisa is the Learning Resource Coordinator and an Old Testament professor at Alberta Bible College. Besides studying the Bible as the only foundation for life, she loves teaching her students to see the literary beauty and creativity contained in each book. Creativity is an essential element of Lisa’s life: she is writing a book on comparative religion and mythology, and has two published book reviews. In addition, she finds the best way to relax is through the creativity of scrapbooking and photography. She is biased, but considers two of God’s greatest creations to be her two teenage daughters. She holds a Bachelor of Religious Education from ABC, a Library and Information Technology Diploma from SAIT, and a Master of Arts (Christian Studies) from Luther Rice University.