Evangel – Christmas 2011

Alumni News

So, it is almost Christmas, again! As we enter the Advent season, I’ve been thinking what Christmas means to us, specifically, as Alumni of Alberta Bible College.

First of all, it is a season of HOPE. We are actively involved with our alma mater because we have hope for the future. We do not just hope or wish things will go well. We have a certainty that our personal, earthly histories will come to a close some day and our eternity of being face to face with Christ will begin. We are involved with ABC because her mission is spreading this HOPE throughout the world.

Secondly, it is a season of PREPARATION. We are actively involved with ABC because of her mission: To equip (prepare) people for effective service and witness for Christ. As ABC alumni, we must take seriously our mandate of equipping ABC to prepare students to help spread hope in Christ throughout the world.

Thirdly, it is a season of JOY. Joy to the world! Jesus took on flesh, He conquered death, and He lives today! As alumni, we can celebrate when great things are accomplished for Christ’s kingdom: both because we attended ABC, and because we encourage others to attend ABC.

Lastly, it is a season of LOVE. God loves us so much, He sent Immanuel (God With Us). Jesus loves us so much He emptied Himself and died for us. We are to show His love to the world. We can do this by supporting the work of ABC financially, as well as in prayer, as she prepares students.

I challenge every one of you to consider the mandate of the ABC Alumni Association during this advent season. How will you, personally, give HOPE to the world through your role as an alumnus? How will you aid in the PREPARATION of students? How will you celebrate the JOY of Christ as an alumnus? And finally, how will you LOVE with His LOVE as an alumnus? This is a big challenge: one that cannot accomplished by just one person, and one that cannot be accomplished without Him!

Alumni and Emerge 2012
The Alumni Association has been asked to sponsor and serve Saturday lunch at the annual Emerge open-house on Saturday March 3, 2012. Food for 100 participants will cost roughly $400 dollars, so we are HOPING for specific contributions toward PREPARING this meal. Contributions should be marked Attention Alumni Project (Emerge). All monies that exceed the cost of the lunch will be directed into our Alumni Project Fund. Include your address and name to ensure we get a tax receipt to you. If you are in town and are able to help set-up, serve and clean-up the lunch that day, your LOVING presence will be JOYFULLY celebrated. Drop a line to alumni@abccampus.ca letting us know and we’ll keep you up-to-date on the details.

We would also like to show potential students where alumni have gone after graduating by posting Alumni pictures and short bios around the college. What do we need from you? Please send us (alumni@abccampus.ca) a recent picture of yourself (if possible), your graduation or completion year, where you went after ABC (further education, ministry, a secular career, etc.) and (optional) a short note about your time at ABC or how it affected your future. Whether you are retired, work inside or outside the home, work in vocational ministry or in a secular career, we would love to hear from you! This is one way we can encourage young people to see ABC as a vital part of their futures. We are also looking for old ABC yearbooks if you have any that you would like to give to us.

Lisa is the Learning Resource Coordinator and an Old Testament professor at Alberta Bible College. Besides studying the Bible as the only foundation for life, she loves teaching her students to see the literary beauty and creativity contained in each book. Creativity is an essential element of Lisa’s life: she is writing a book on comparative religion and mythology, and has two published book reviews. In addition, she finds the best way to relax is through the creativity of scrapbooking and photography. She is biased, but considers two of God’s greatest creations to be her two teenage daughters. She holds a Bachelor of Religious Education from ABC, a Library and Information Technology Diploma from SAIT, and a Master of Arts (Christian Studies) from Luther Rice University.