Why Alberta Bible College?

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Evangel – Spring 2017

Message from the President

Dear Friends of Alberta Bible College,

WHY? That is the big question, isn’t it? Like you, I have many good causes seeking my support. Therefore, as I sort through the various opportunities I can support, I have one overriding question. Why? Why should I support this particular enterprise?

Not unexpectedly, the answers to why one should support Alberta Bible College (ABC) are very much like the reasons I seek to do my best for ABC. Here some of the reasons WHY I support ABC:

  1. One WHY is ABC makes it possible for me to participate in God’s mission to save the world. Over the last few weeks I have been made aware that the investment we are making in the lives of students who are preparing for lives of ministry will change the world. Because I had the opportunity to prepare for ministry, I now get to prepare others for the same. However, providing the resources to make this happen is essential, and just as people made it possible for me to study, I believe God will continue to call his people to make sure others can.
  2. Another WHY is because ABC allows me to live out the Great Commission by preparing those who will teach others how to become effective disciples of Jesus Christ. Our students recently went on their Spring Ministry Experiences. I’m impressed by all the reports I have heard so far about how they not only shared the Gospel, but also how they were willing to give their lives for the good of others. Also, we are encouraged by the number of highly-committed students we now have who are committed to getting their Bachelor of Religious Education or Bachelor of Theology degrees and who are considering working in the church as a possibility.
  3. Yet another WHY for me is that serving through ABC makes a difference in the lives of the students, but also in the churches and communities where they will serve. Jesus once asked, “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8). The answer to this question is quite sobering. No, unless his people are faithful in announcing the Good News. What’s at stake here is not just the future of certain churches but whether or not Christian faith will survive in Canada at all. We, and those who came before us, have worked too hard to see the gains of the past simply vanish because times have changed.
  4. Finally, the biggest reason WHY I give my life to God through my work at ABC is because I believe that God has called me to this work. The staff and the faculty who invest in our students believe that God has called them to their work as well.

I pray you feel the same way about your participation, whether that means praying, volunteering, giving, telling others about the college, or some other way. Please, consider a deeper investment in ABC so we can raise another generation of people who will be equipped for effective service and ministry for Christ.

Seeking God’s Mission in All,

Stan Helton

Stanley N. Helton, President

Stan is the current president of ABC, and has recently joined us with his wife, Pat Helton. They have one daughter Rachel, who is married. She and her husband just finished a short-term mission trip to Zambia. Rachel is completing her Masters in Theology through Abilene Christian University. Stan has earned degrees from Oklahoma Christian University (BA), Abilene Christian University (MS, MDiv, DMin), and the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (ThM, PhD). He has served in a variety of ministry settings including New Orleans and Chicago; he taught for six years at Western Christian College in Regina, Saskatchewan where he also served as Dean. Pat is a teacher whose specialty is Adapted Physical Education. She has served people with special needs most of her career, most recently among the urban poor of New Orleans. Stan and Pat are excited to have returned to Canada and seeing what God will do with them next in this mission.

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