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The majority of the Library’s upstairs floor hosts the circulating collection. (That’s just a fancy way of saying that these are the books that you can check out and take home with you).

Alberta Bible College’s collection is focused on items which will help support students learning in the courses that we offer, so you’ll find that most of the library focuses on the Religion section in the 200’s.

Bring your books downstairs to the desk in order to check them out!


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The reference collection is housed on the first floor of the Library.

These items are for reference only, which means you can’t take them home, only use them within the library. These items tend to be some of our most popular materials, including Bibles, dictionaries, and commentaries.

Is there something in the reference collection that you REALLY need to bring home? Check to see if it’s in the circulating collection. Often we have the same item in both places.

Reading Room
(Fiction & Magazines)


The reading room is located on the first floor of the library, just on the right past the Librarian’s office.

The reading room is located on the first floor of the library, just on the right past the Librarian’s office. We stock a large selection of Christian magazines and journals here, including ‘Relevant’, ‘The Biblical Archaeology Review’, and ‘Macleans’.

The reading room also houses our fiction collection. So whether you’re here to study or just relax take a seat in one of our extra comfy chairs and enjoy!

Breckenridge Collection

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There’s a saying in the Stone-Campbell tradition: Other denominations have priests and bishops- we have editors!

This saying shows it’s truth in the volume of material we have stored in the Breckenridge Collection. A treasure trove of materials relating to the Stone-Campbell movement including both the Christian Churches and the Disciples of Christ traditions, the Breckenridge collection is located on the second floor across from the stairs. These items cannot be removed from the library.



We take care of the past in
order to learn from it.

 Alberta Bible College’s Archives houses one of the largest collections of materials on the Canadian Stone-Campbell movement.

Be advised, you will not be able to access the archives without the help and permission of our resident archivist Lynn Rehn. Contact your Librarian to schedule a date.




Just need a place to study? The library has plenty of those!

From a number of study corrals located in the quiet zone upstairs to the tables and couches in our main area students are free to drop by and spread out their books whenever the library is open.

Bring your books downstairs to the desk in order to check them out!


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With 5 available computer terminals students gain access to those most vital of resources.

The internet, Microsoft Word, and the library catalogue/eBooks. Located in the main area upon entry, feel free to work on your projects free from distractions.



Books! Books! and more books! For only $1 a piece!

The Library book sale rotates regularly to promote new materials so if there’s something you want be sure to snatch it up before it’s gone! Books can be purchased at the circulations desk with help from your friendly neighbourhood librarian.

User Cards


Are you not a student at ABC? You can still use our library!

Purchase a community user card for $25 a year and we’ll set you up to be able to take out our books. Or talk to your home library (often the Calgary Public Library) about getting a TAL card for even more access to libraries all across the province!