Good news for
Counseling students!

ABC has just gotten access to the new Alexander Street Counseling and Therapy in Video Collection. This mean you now have access to hundreds of practical examples of various counselling techniques! Check it out here!

Library Changes in response to COVID-19

What's new at the library?

  1. If you need to get into contact with the librarian please reach her at [email protected] and she will reply as quickly as possible.
  2. You can take out physical books from the library and browse the collection. Masks are required while on campus.
  3. Reference items and textbooks can not be checked out, but we will scan sections and email them to you. Notify us as to the title of the item, it’s call number, and the section you need and we will see that you get them.
  4.  The library has a TON of online resources. Check out our Research Resources in the sidebar on the right, and our instruction handouts posted here. I suggest you pay extra attention to our online journal databases, separated by subject for your convenience.

This is a difficult and unusual time, but the library still aims to support you in your courses here at ABC. Our hearts and prayers go out to our city and our world as everyone is affected. Stay safe.



Policies. They’re dry, boring, and tend to restrict your freedom. But they’re there for a reason. The Library tries to have as few of them as possible for your comfort, but there are a few that we think you should know.

The Library is a Quiet(ish) place

child covering mouth

We LOVE getting to know all of our patrons, and that requires conversation, but we do try to keep the library a space where students can study and concentrate in peace. 

Upstairs is the whisper zone, but downstairs conversations are okay. We ask that loud conversations are taken outside of the library to the student center.

For the same reason, we ask that cell phone conversations also be taken out of the library space.

No Food,
But Some Drinks

water hydro flask

No matter how careful you are, food has crumbs and oils and smells and those things can wreck books really easily (if not directly by attracting critters). We have a lot of old and rare books that we’d rather not have to get rid of, which is why we request that you don’t eat at all within the library.

Drinks are dangerous to… but we really don’t want to take that away if we don’t have to. Therefore, drinks in SEALED containers are allowed, like coffee travel mugs or water bottles. However, an open mug from the student center just won’t cut it, sorry.

Fines & Lost

book shelf colour

We really don’t like taking your money, but… if a book is utterly lost or damaged beyond usability… we’re going to have to charge you. And the charges can be steep. So please, keep track of and take care of your books so we don’t have to have this problem!

We also charge overdue fines, though those are a bit more flexible. Though they cost 50 cents per day, per item, we AREN’T going to charge you just because a librarian wasn’t in that day to check them in. ABC is in the business of grace, so if you have any questions about charges on your account, please contact the librarian at [email protected] we’ll see what we can do.