eQuip Program

eQuip aims to provide qualified applicants with the opportunity to advance a career or to take classes that encourage personal and spiritual growth through online, distributed education. Tuition, registration, and academic requirements are consistent with expectations and processes in both the College and PACE programs.
The following courses are offered through ABC’s partnership with Learning Solutions. Students work through the course content without interaction with other students; however, there is opportunity for contact with the instructor. The time taken to complete a course is chosen by the student but the expected time frame is approximately three months.

Course List
• Acts of the Apostles
• Approaches to Understanding Scripture
• Business Writing and Communication
• Communication Concepts
• Cultural Anthropology
• Introduction to Psychology
• Life of Christ
• New Testament Survey
• Old Testament Survey
• Organizational Ethics
• Wisdom Literature
Other courses are available. Please contact the Registrar for further information.