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Shannon Gugyel

Enrolment Officer & Student Development Chaplain

I have been a part of the Alberta Bible College community in different capacities since September 2010, first as a PACE student, and then as staff in October 2014. I am very passionate about ABC’s role in God’s plan. It is bigger than I ever imagined! I am excited that I get to play a small part in what He is doing at ABC and through the amazing people connected to this school. I work as the Enrollment Officer and the Student Development Chaplain. This means I get to know new students before they are official students and then I work with them in the area of spiritual care while they are students. Confusing? Not really. I have been doing this for a few years now!

I cannot fully express the impact ABC has had on me through the course programming and studies here or working with students and staff who are intent on exploring the paths of righteousness, higher education, and holy relationships. In 2010 I entered ABC loving Jesus, and I have been desperate for Him ever since. I long for others to be ignited with desperation for the King, too, and I have the privilege of meeting individuals who are seeking to strengthen their relationship with God. ABC is a great doorway for experiencing His heartbeat for His kingdom…and making Jesus famous is one of the outcomes!

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