Merging the knowledge gained in the classroom with practical hands on experiences in a community environment.

Parents — Why Alberta Bible College?

5 Reasons Your Child Should Attend Alberta Bible College

For ParentsQuality Education

Alberta Bible College consults the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) standards in all programming and operating decisions. Accreditation insures the highest standards of educational quality and institutional stability. The Government of Alberta, by a special act of incorporation, has granted Alberta Bible College a charter to grant degrees, diplomas and certificates. Alberta Bible College is also a designated institution of the Canadian Student Loans plan.Association of Christian Schools International

Alberta Bible College is a member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities and upholds the institutional management, values and ethics outlined by this national organization. Alberta Bible College is also a member of the Association of Christian Schools International, Canadian Council of Christian Charitiesthe Association of Canadian Bible Colleges and the Calgary Christian College Network.

Career and Life Coaching

Students receive one-on-one sessions with a professional career and life coach to help set personal and career goals and understand the path they need to follow for these goals to be achieved. In addition to ministry and humanitarian work our graduates have moved into successful careers in many areas including finance, sciences and government. The Alberta Bible College degree prepares students for success in any career choice.

Endowment Scholarship

We maintain one of the most highly subsidized tuition rates in the country among even accredited institutions. Our community values your Childs education and has invested heavily to keep tuition rates around 50% of the actual cost. Since all our funding comes from churches and individuals who have experienced the value of Alberta Bible College, this gives a testament to how much they believe in our mission and future students. In addition to the subsidized tuition, Alberta Bible College's other scholarship programs provide generous support rewarding local church service, outstanding academic achievement, leadership, athletics, and recognized financial need. Our tuition rates are lower than the University of Calgary and compared to other Bible colleges our tuition will save students approximately $12,000 over a four year period. Your child can receive a highly valuable degree for less then other public universities.

High Teacher to Student Ratio

Alberta Bible College looks to exceed the standards of Ivey League schools and maintain a teacher to student ratio of no more then 20:1. Smaller class sizes allow the students and professors to get to know each other and focus on both the needs of the class and the individual. At Alberta Bible College the student has a face and a name and is not lost in a large lecture classroom.