College Program

College Program

Degrees (4 years), diplomas (2 years), and a certificate (1 year) programs are available in the Regular Program. The courses of study include a range of subject matter appropriate to the chosen program.

Degrees (4 years)

This multi-major degree program is designed to prepare a student to server Christ through the church and in other ways, as well as providing the basis for continuing high education.
A program designed to prepare an individual for ministry with children, youth, or adults in a variety of settings in and beside the local church.
A program designed for students presently attending or planning to attend other post-secondary institutions (eg. university). Such students may transfer up to 64 credit hours to the BRE General Studies program.
A program designed to equip people as cross-cultural servant-leaders through a rigour of interdisciplinary training and study experiences.
A program designed to prepare an individual for missional leadership in the located ministry and/or for seminary.
This highly flexible degree program is designed to equip a student to serve the church and promote the gospel. It is designed in the classical English Bible reader tradition, for those who wish to maximize learning in English Bible.

Diploma in Christian Ministries (2 years)

This diploma is designed to prepare an individual for leadership in creative ministry in the local congregation, as well as to introduce an individual to drama in Christian contexts.
This diploma is designed to prepare a student to serve the local congregation. A student may design their own program to create a Professional Studies emphasis of their choice.

Certificate (1 year)

This program is designed to provide students with foundational knowledge, attitudes and practices for living faithfully and creatively with God in the world.


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