Current Students

Community: Studying and Knowing; Service and Doing; Prayer and Being

Current Students

Theme for the Year: Life Together

The ABC community is passionate about theological education, spiritual formation, and ministry training. We recognize that to do these things well, we must pursue them within the context of community — not merely as a collection of individuals. To this end, our chapel theme for the 2018-19 academic year is “Life Together.” The starting point for this journey will be ABC’s Community Rule of Life, which describes who ABC community members desire to become and are becoming as we do “Life Together.”

ABC student life is shaped by three priorities: study, service, and prayer within the context of community.

Study – Knowing

This priority focuses on knowing God through intentional study of scripture, theology, and spiritual writings, with particular emphasis on the integration of learning and living.

Service – Doing

This priority focuses on embodying the gospel in tangible ways, both inside and beyond the ABC community.

Prayer – Being

This priority focuses on creating space to be with God, giving particular attention to times and places for prayer and for worship (both corporate and individual).


Each of the these priorities (study, service, and prayer) will be done within the context of intentionally living life together.

Student Leadership

The three aforementioned priorities provide the framework for student leadership positions within the ABC student body. Ideally, there will be a point person for each of the areas of study, service, prayer, and community, as well as an administrative assistant responsible for communication and management of student body finances. For more information on these student leadership positions, consult the Alberta Bible College Student Body Constitution (available in the Community Life Guide or from the Student Development Director).

Student Grievance Policy and Procedure

One of the most important and often neglected components of community life is that of conflict resolution. Conflict is inevitable within any human community. What matters is how we work through opposing perspectives in a gracious and loving manner. The Student Grievance and Complaint Policy at ABC outlines our own biblical and practical approach to conflict resolution.

The Student Grievance Policy provides the structure for students to exercise the right of grievance between and amongst students, as well as the structure to grieve the actions of staff and instructors. The structure may also be applied to Board policy.

Copies of the policy are available in the Community Life Guide (for students in the day program) and the PACE Student Handbook (for students in the PACE program). Students may also visit the Student Development Director, the PACE office, the main office, or the Learning Resource Centre to access this policy.

The grievance process can be summarized is as follows:

  1. Go directly to the person with whom you have conflict;
  2. Seek friendly intervention or mediation;
  3. Request decision by an appointed group or arbitration.

Our desire is that the majority of grievances will be resolved by prayerfully living out step one.