ABC Culture

God, the Church, other Christ followers, our neighbours, and our enemies.

in chapel weekly (College program) and once per course (PACE). We also worship and serve regularly in our local churches. We engage scripture and pray both in solitude and community.

in whatever work God has called us to, fulfilling in with commitment and integrity. This includes our studies, our teaching and administrative duties, and our leadership responsibilities. 

In regards to the earth’s natural resources, we reduce, reuse, and recycle. In regards to our time and financial resources, we are wise and generous.

That is, we practice sexual purity. We reject pornography or any other objectifications of humans.

To those in authority, unless their expectations are contrary to biblical truth.

participate in the redemptive work of God in the world.

a continual awareness of the presence, activity, and voice of God in our lives and in the world.

with our bodies by engaging in healthy patterns of eating, rest, and physical activity. To help us foster this practice, we do not abuse alcohol or misuse drugs.

in all areas of life. This guides our entertainment choices regarding film, television, radio, the internet, theatre, dance, and music. 

& build each other up. We speak directly to those with whom we have a concern. When others fail us, we extend our forgiveness. When we fail others, we seek their forgiveness. Our use of technology and social media is guided by these values.

that living in community is challenging, yet we sacrifice our individual liberty for the good of the community. When differences arise, we choose the course that demands greater personal restraint and self- discipline.