Reasons for Taking TESOL at ABC

There are a variety of TESOL training options in Calgary. The following are several good reasons for choosing the ABC TESOL program over the others:

  1. The TESOL Certificate (IQTESOL) at Alberta Bible College is designed according to International standards.
  2. You will have many opportunities, through hands on, interactive assignments, to think about how to put theory into practice.
  3. Your TESOL classes are for college credit and can be used for continuing education credits or in conjunction with other degrees offered by Alberta Bible College.
  4. Alberta Bible College's TESOL instructors can share their first-hand experiences as language educators in foreign countries. We understand the opportunity for ministry through teaching the English language.
  5. At Alberta Bible College, we are passionate that students become thoroughly equipped as quickly as possible for English language teaching ministry in Canada or overseas.
  6. The Introductory qualification may include a practicum placement in local, church based ESL schools. You will get to practice what you're learning!
  7. Alberta Bible College maintains a working relationship with Cooperative ESL Ministries, a valuable connection for networking and professional development.
  8. The TESOL certificate courses will allow you flexibility in the types of jobs you can get in Canada and prepare you for materials and curriculum development by exposing you to a variety of teaching, materials and curriculum types.
  9. You can make connections for overseas employment.