Program Purpose

ABC Student Development creates a holistic educational environment that encourages students to grow spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

The Rock: Certificate of Christian Foundations

This program is designed to provide students with foundational knowledge, attitudes, and practices for living faithfully and creatively with God in the world.

Diploma of Christian Studies

This diploma is designed for students seeking to develop lives of meaning, purpose, and faith.

Bachelor of Christian Ministries

This program is designed to prepare individuals for pastoral and educational leadership in Christian communities, as well as providing the basis for continuing higher education.

Bachelor of Theology

This program is designed to prepare individuals for pastoral leadership in the local church, or for graduate study at seminary.

Bachelor of Sacred Literature

This highly flexible degree program is designed to equip a student to serve the church and promote the gospel. It is designed in the classical English Bible reader tradition, for those who wish to maximize learning in English Bible.

Bachelor of Christian Studies

The B.C.S., General Studies is designed for students who wishes to prepare for non-vocational ministry. It allows students to complete a Bible College degree by spending two years at Alberta Bible College and transferring in up to two years (64 hours) of credit from another recognized institution.

Types of Learning

Types of Learning