Student development

Alberta Bible College is committed to the holistic support and development of its international students, each of whom has unique needs and contributions to make to our multi-cultural learning community.

The following services are available to incoming international students:

physical well being

  • Assistance in finding suitable housing in Calgary
  • Coaching in applying for Alberta Health Care coverage
  • Information regarding local medical services
  • On-campus gymnasium and exercise space for student use
  • International students have health care while in Canada

Intellectual Growth

  • Academic advising from the Registrar and/or Academic Dean to help student’s personal goals
  • Orientation to ABC’s academic philosophy, core values, and policies/procedures
  • Nurturing relationships with classroom instructors and peers in a learning environment featuring small class sizes
  • Ongoing research support offered through the Library

Social development

  • Access to faculty/staff who are available for students who want to talk about life
  • Information regarding, and referrals to, community resources including psychologists and counsellors, as well as to immigrant and legal support services

spiritual formation

  • Regular chapel gatherings for worship and encouragement
  • Assistance in getting engaged in a local community of worship