This diploma is designed for students seeking to develop lives of meaning, purpose, and faith. The goal is spiritual formation that shapes the heart, soul, mind, and body towards missional living that will change the world.

Learners will Demonstrate

  1. Growing competency in understanding, interpreting, applying, and communicating the biblical message
  2. Understanding and appreciation of the work of God and the Church throughout history and contemporary culture
  3. Experience Christ-centered community through meaningful participation in family, a local church and at ABC
  4. Strengthen their sense of self as they are spiritually formed through participating in study, prayer, and service
  5. Confidence as they make decisions concerning further education or work that will enable them to be servant-leaders in God’s redemptive story

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Course blocks

Course Requirements


This program is designed to prepare individuals for pastoral leadership in the local church, or for graduate study at seminary.

This multi-major degree program is designed to prepare a student to server Christ through the church and in other ways, as well as providing the basis for continuing high education.

This highly flexible degree program is designed to equip a student to serve the church and promote the gospel. It is designed in the classical English Bible reader tradition, for those who wish to maximize learning in English Bible.


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