Diving into the word

Why Reread Scripture?

The need for God to centre us

“When we neglect reading the Bible, we don’t just miss knowledge, we miss God.” – The Gospel Coalition


We have great multi-media, soundbites, & quotes available on demand yet, hunger grows deeper….

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Alberta Bible College invites you to dive back into the Word with our free Rereading Scripture Studies. Join the community!

Laugh through a VeggieTale

Take it back to Sunday School and watch your favourite bible stories with your favourite cast of vegetables!
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Listen to the audio bible

Not much of a reader? Can't find the time? The audio bible is a good way to dive into scripture while on the go. Tons of resources could be found on your Spotify, biblestudytools & more.
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Read classic Old Testament Stories

There's something comforting about going back to what's familiar. Reread your favourite childhood bible stories & watch the stories come to life in a new way.


Re-Reading Scripture feeds…together.

Sometimes we think of Bible reading as a duty, rather than a grand invitation . . . – Crossway


We have a group of 20+ that gathers each week on zoom at 10am MST. Each week we are walked through a portion of a book of scripture by Dr. Stan H. Helton (President of ABC and Professor of New Testament and Ministry) and a field of friends and colleagues. After he presents for a bit, we pipe in with questions and thoughts. It is a great way to get into the heart of scripture, and hear how it impacts us all. Whether you are a new believer, a seasoned veteran of the kingdom, or a pastor looking to get more perspectives for your own study and sermons, this is good fellowship and food for your spirit.

Re-reading Series: Listening to Scripture

It’s a new year and Re-reading is back this coming Saturday at 10am (MST). This week will be a hermeneutical look at certain passages rather than an overview of a specific book of the Bible, so there is no advanced reading to be done. 

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Check out our Apostolic Fathers Series on our YouTube Channel.