ABC Student Development creates a holistic educational environment that encourages students to grow spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

Core Values

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Diversity & Inclusion
ABC is a rich learning community because of the diversity of its students. Student Development staff are committed to providing services that address diverse student needs, abilities, and cultures.
Physical Well-Being
ABC encourages each member of the PACE community to honour God with their bodies as they live out their weekly routines. We do this as we develop healthy eating habits, exercise regularly, allow ourselves adequate sleep, and practice Sabbath.
Emotional Health
Life as an adult student can be an emotionally complex journey which is why PACE students have access to our Student Development Chaplain, who provides spiritual care and referrals to community resources as needed.
Study & Community
ABC is guided in its daily life by the priorities of the Christian monastic tradition: study, prayer, service, and community.
Intellectual Growth
Student Development works in conjunction with the Academic Dean and the Academic Services team to foster student success and offer supports where needed.
Social Development
Orientation events prior to the fall and winter semesters serve as extended times of introduction to ABC life. They are also designed to foster community between faculty, staff, and students as each new semester begins.
Spiritual Formation
The calling of each Christian is to be molded into the image of Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit. As a college community, we intentionally engage in regular habits by which we participate in this divine work.

Community Life

ABC faculty and staff are united in a desire to teach, guide, and mentor students in their respective journeys towards maturity in Christ. Where discipline of students is necessary, it is intended to restore individuals to right relationship with God and the ABC community.
Student Fees
As per the ABC Student Body Constitution, student body members are those students who have declared a program of study (i.e.,certificate, diploma, degree).
Student Body Leadership
Student body members are encouraged to participate in formal leadership roles within the student body. The student leadership team consists of students who assume responsibility for the areas of study, prayer, service, and community.
Some ABC students choose to live in room and board situations, while others continue to remain at home with family in Calgary. Learning how to live in community with a small group of peers can be another aspect of spiritual formation.
Vocational Discernment
The Life Planning Strategies course will help PACE students consider ministry and professional options in relation to personal giftedness, unique interests, and life experiences.
Students often find it necessary to work part-time. Working provides opportunities to develop additional skills; it also clarifies potential occupational interests.
Harassment Policy
ABC is committed to a harassment-free environment for all our students, staff, and employees. A copy of ABC’s Harassment Policy is available in the Community Life Guide, which students receive when they begin their studies at ABC, as well as at the beginning of each new academic year.
Student Grievance Policy
The Student Grievance Policy and Procedures provide the structure for students to exercise the right of grievance between and amongst students, as well as the structure to grieve the actions of staff and instructors.