Graduation Requirements

Complete program of study within
2 years for 1-year certificate 4 years for a 2-year diploma 8 years for a 4-year degree
Achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
Fulfill residency requirements
Fulfill financial & business obligations to the college
Complete all Field Experience
including internship if applicable
Receive recommendation
by the Administration and approval of the board

Academic Information

For detailed information, check the Academic Calendar

The academic year is divided into two semesters:

  • Fall semester begins in September
  • Winter semester in January

Each semester is 14 weeks long including final exam week. Each semester includes a Team Ministry Field Experience.

Most courses are valued at 3 credit hours per semester. Class periods for 3-credit-hour courses are 75 minutes (two times per week) or 150 minutes (one time per week). A few courses are 1-credit-hour (50 minutes) or 2-credit-hours (100 minutes) value.

A full-time student is registered in 9 credit hours or more per semester. 

A student’s general standing at the close of each course is computed on the basis of class attendance, attitude and application, class work and assignments, as well as examinations.

The following chart explains ABC’s grading system

Full-time students who obtain a GPA of 3.3 or higher will be placed on the Honour Roll that semester. Those receiving 3.7 or better will be listed as First Class Honours. Honour Roll computation is based solely on work (12 or more credit hours per semester) taken through ABC.

Official transcripts are available after all course and business obligations are complete. Contact the Registrar.

An appeal for a change of final grade or assignment mark must be made in writing to the Academic Dean within 4 weeks of receiving official notification of the grade/mark.


Academic probation serves to motivate students to achieve their potential in academic work.

Academic probation is implemented when a student’s GPA is below 2.0 at the end of a semester.


Students at ABC are expected to complete their academic work with academic integrity that reflects their growing maturity in Christ.

Academic Integrity involves “commitment to five fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility.” ( These values are to shape behavior as students and academics.


The deadline for students to make adjustments to their schedule by adding or dropping semester long courses is the second Friday of the semester. Students receive a full tuition refund when a course is dropped by the second Friday of the semester, provided a Course Change Form has been filed with the Registrar. No refund of tuition is given after the Add/Drop deadline.

Students who choose to withdraw from a course must complete, sign and file a Course Withdrawal Form with the Registrar. If a Course Withdrawal Form is submitted after the second week of the semester and up to the course withdrawal deadline identified in the Academic Calendar, students receive a “W” on their transcript.

A student may repeat a course in which a low grade was received. (Usually only an “F” or “D” grade would cause a student to repeat a class.) The following conditions apply:

  • A course may be repeated once without faculty approval. Repeating a course a second time requires the permission of the Academic Dean and instructor.
  • The highest grade will be used in calculating the cumulative GPA.
  • The lower grade(s) will remain on the transcript, but will not be used in calculating the cumulative GPA.

Students may challenge certain courses (within Bible/Theology and General Education areas) in which they have previous study and understanding. A mark of 65% or higher is required to receive credit for the course. Students pay full tuition for an exam passed and a $100 exam fee for a failed exam. An exam may be written only once. A previously failed course may not be challenged. See the Academic Dean for further details.

Individual classes may be audited with approval of the Registrar and the instructor involved. Students may change a course status from audit to credit or credit to audit in the first two weeks of the semester. Tuition rates will be adjusted accordingly.

Assignment due dates are identified in individual course syllabi. A penalty of 3 to 5% per day is applied to all late assignments. If students are unable to meet assignment due dates as specified in the syllabus, they may request an extension.

Students who require more than a one-week extension should consult the Incomplete policy.

When students are unable to complete required course work by the end of the semester, they may ask instructors for an Incomplete. An Incomplete provides an additional three weeks after the end of the semester to complete outstanding assignments. Students are responsible to complete, sign and file, the Request for Incomplete Form with the Registrar. 

Alberta Bible College seeks to maximize the amount of transfer credit given for students provided the credit accepted for transfer meets the objectives of the chosen program. Individuals who seek transfer credit must request that official transcripts from all previously attended post-secondary institutions be sent directly to the Registrar.

For more information on transferring in, click here.

Students considering changing their Diploma or Degree program must provide formal written notification after discussion with either the Registrar or Academic Dean. A $100 fee applies to changes made in the final year of the program. See the Registrar for details.

For more information on transferring within, click here.